Keep Your Privacy and Stay Stylish with Frost Film!

Some people would like to add 24 hour privacy to their space without compromising the look. If you’re one of those people, frost may be the choice for you! Frost window films are the one of only options on the market that provide you with privacy all day and night. There are other privacy films available but it is based on the strongest source of light. So during the day you can see out and others cant see in, however, at night when the lights are on in your house you will be visible. There are also black/white out options that provide 24 hour privacy but they aren’t the most attractive to some, especially for the home. Frost films provide you with the best of both worlds!

Our client here decided to go with the HuperOptik Dusted Crystal option. This gives them some privacy from people walking on the street for their outside seating area. It’s a smart choice that improves the look of their modern home.

huper optik dusted crystal

Frost film for a modern home

frost privacy film

Providing privacy to their outside seating area

Frost privacy film

Complete privacy for ground level seating

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Keep your Beautiful Views While Reducing Heat and Light Inside!

While living on the beach has it’s advantages, like the amazing view, it also can have some disadvantages as well. This includes the blazing summer heat that can occur as well as the harsh light invading your space from the same sun that gives you those gorgeous morning sunrises and evening sunsets. You can minimize the effect of these by applying a window film to the most vulnerable sides of your house.

If your main focus is to reduce heat, we usually recommend Huper Optik’s Ceramic line because they are the absolute best on the market and will block up to 98% of infrared heat. Infrared heat is the heat that you feel radiating through the glass even when the sun isn’t shining directly on it. This is the main reason why your house stays hot long after “high noon”. You can select a clear film so that there is no dimming your fantastic view or you can even go with a slightly darker tint to reduce the glare of the sun.

If you’d like to make sure that the sun isn’t too harsh inside of your house, we have quite the number of options for you. All of the films that we carry block 99.9% of UV rays. Besides the skin concerns we all have regarding UV rays, they are also the cause of fading of furniture and floors. By applying window films to your glass you can keep yourself and your belongings looking top notch for much longer!

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Block heat

House before tint. Extremely hot and harsh sun.

block heat

We applied Huper Optik Ceramic with tint to reduce heat and glare from sun

Window Film for Artificial Turf – Stop Turf Damage from Reflective Low E Windows

Low E windows can often intensify the sun’s energy reflecting it back on to artificial turf and natural grass, causing the turf to burn. This is becoming more and more of an issue as artificial turf becomes more and more popular.

Turf Guard window film for artificial grass allows for visibility in and out of the window. The window film is applied to the exterior of the glass effectively protects grass and artificial turf from burning.

window film stop grass from burning melting

Window Tint that stops burning of grass and artificial turf is applied to the exterior of the home windows affecting the grass and causing it to burn or melt.

Window Tint Stop Turf from Burning

Low E double pane windows can intensify the sun’s light which causes a reflection that can melt or burn your artificial turf or grass. Turf Guard exterior window film stops the reflection protecting your turf and grass from burning from the Low E window reflection

Window Tint Stop Melting Turf and Grass

Window Tint Stop Melting Turf and Grass

window film for turf

window film for turf

protect grass from burning window reflection window tint

protect grass from burning window reflection window tint

We provide completely free consultations at which time we’ll bring you samples of the window film for turf, measure the windows causing the turf grass to burn and melt, and we’ll answer any questions.

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Malibu Home Skylights – Ceramic 60% Window Film

Skylights Window Tinting is a request we receive daily from homeowners in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Marina del Rey, and just about all surrounding cities. Skylights that are flat glass can be tinted, whether there is flat skylight glass on the outside of the skylight, inside of the skylight or both. Skylights that are completely domed on the inside and outside are made of plexiglass and can not be tinted. The solution there is having a flat piece of glass put on the side ceiling and tinting that piece of glass.

Skylight Malibu Home Window Tinting

Skylight Malibu Home Window Tinting with Huper Optik Ceramic 60% Window Film

Skylights can be a major source of heat which is why tinting skylights is so common, especially in and around Los angeles. For the skylight below, located in Malibu, California Huper Optik Ceramic 60% Film was used. Huper Optik Ceramic 60% is metal free and dye free and includes a lifetime warranty. The skylight window film blocks 99.9% UV Rays as well as 60% infrared heat and 43% total solar energy.

Skylight Window Tint in Malibu, Californira Home Window Tinting

Skylight Window Tint in Malibu, Californira Home Window Tinting

Commercial Window Film Application to Glass Atrium Ceiling in Beverly Hills Office Building

We were called out to this Beverly Hills office building to apply a matching window film on the new glass that was being installed. We had the luxury of applying the window film before the glass was installed on the high atrium ceiling. Huper Optik Traditional Silver 18% window film was the perfect match. The film comes with a 15 year commercial warranty.

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newly tinted commercial glass

The newly tinted glass which will be installed in a Beverly Hills commercial building atrium ceiling.

old atrium ceiling glass panel removed commercial window tinting

The old glass has been removed and the new commercial window tinted glass is ready to be put in place in this Beverly Hills office building.

new glass panel installed room of commercial building

Newly tinted glass being set in place on this Beverly Hills commercial building.

Ceramic 30 Window Film Application – Boiling Crab Los Angeles

This Boiling Crab seafood restaurant had ceramic 30 window film applied to the front windows and doors. Hüper Optik Ceramic 30 was featured in Popular Science Magazine

commercial window film boiling crab

Huper Optik Ceramic 30 window film to be applied

boiling crab window film application

Commercial Window Film Application for Boiling Crab restaurant in Los Angeles

ceramic 30 window film

Cleaning the windows in preparation for the window film


It is extremely important to completely clean the window to avoid from having any dust or particles between the glass and the window film

window tinting restaurant

Ceramic 30 window film being applied to windows in Boiling Crab


Window film being applied to the glass door of the restaurant door

inside boiling crab los angeles

If you haven’t been to The Boiling Crab and live in the Los Angeles area, its a must try. Some of the most fresh and tastiest seafood I’ve ever had.