Three Reasons Home Window Tinting Pacific Palisades Properties Is The Smart Move

Installing home window tint in Pacific Palisades homes is a smart move for a number of reasons; window tint protects your property against UV light fading and damage, it improves the privacy and security, and it keeps the property cooler and comfortable, too. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that home window tint is also a smart property update from an economic standpoint, too. Simply put, if you add window film in a Pacific Palisades residence, you will save money. So much savings so, in fact, that your window tint will invariably pay for itself.

First off, window film reduces the amount of infrared solar energy that gets through glass windows and into the property. This invisible portion of the sunlight spectrum is the warmest part of sunshine, so blocking it keeps things cool and mild in the home. That means reduced use of the air conditioning and fans even on hotter, sunny days so common in California, which means smaller electric bills. Window tint also improves the insulation of windows, effectively letting single-paned windows serve as effectively as modern energy efficient double-pane windows, but at a fraction of the price of replacing the actual windows in the home. Improved insulation means still less use of the heating and cooling systems, which means even more savings.

Secondly, home window fillm blocks almost 99.9% of the UV light that’s also invisible but always present in sunshine. UV light is responsible for most of the sun’s damage to flooring (faded rugs and discolored hardwood), upholstery (weakened and discolored fabrics), and to artwork and photos (washed out and faded over the years) on the walls. By blocking UV light, you can extend the working life of many of surfaces and items in your residence, saving large amounts of money when you don’t need to restore or replace flooring, upholstery, curtains, and more

Third, security enhancing window film can protect the home against accidents, weather events, and even crime. By reinforcing the windowpanes and preventing the glass from shattering even if it is cracked, window tint keeps your home safely sealed off even under extreme circumstances. Whether struck by flying debris, the concussion of an explosion’s blast wave, or by a stone or crowbar wielded by a would-be burglar, window tint can prevent glass windows and doors from shattering into pieces and leaving the home’s interior exposed. That can mean vast amounts of money saved in avoided damage and/or loss from burglary.

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