How Does Tinting Your Home Windows Improve Your Residence?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider having window film installed in your home and/or business. Reasons vary from improved energy efficiency to heat and UV rejection, protection against vandalism and theft to enhancing the look of the property, to increasing property value to protecting yourself and your belongings from the harm of ultraviolet rays (altos known as UV sunlight).

Windows are a critical part of a location’s aesthetic, both inside and out. Windows determine how much light will be let in as well as what view out is revealed. They also help shape the exterior appearance of a home or business. With these positive attributes come issues, though: the type, number, and location of a property’s windows can dictate how much harm can come to the property through those same windows.

Here are a few reasons why getting window film is a smart move:

Reduced Energy Costs

Window film can help you save money by dramatically reducing your energy costs and through prolonging the life of your interior décor. Windows account for a majority of the heat that enters a home and treated air that escapes it; window film mitigates both of these factors. Everyone loves sunny days but no one enjoys the unbearable heat that comes with them, heat that causes the electric bill to skyrocket. Simply put, sunny days mean turning up the AC to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home or office; getting window film will reduce the amount of heat entering to your home and/or business, thereby reducing your cooling costs. However, if you live in an area where keeping the heat in is an issue, window film can also be a solution for saving costs on heating: window film technology can enhance the insulating properties of your windows and help the warmth you want to preserve to stay inside.

Heat & Glare Reduction

Window film helps people feel comfortable in their home or place of business. There are various types of films to choose from which can block up to 88% of the sun’s glare and 98% of its infrared heat. (Infrared heat is the warmth that you feel radiating through the glass even when the sun is not shining directly on it.)

Protection from UV (Ultraviolet) Light

UV rays are the #1 culprit behind your faded, discolored floors and furniture. UV light not only damages your belongings, but is even harmful to your health. According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), UV rays have toxic health effects, as they have been linked to carcinogens that can cause skin cancer. The American Cancer Association states that most skin cancers are derived from direct exposure to UV radiation.


Window film can provide added privacy to your home and/or business. You can have privacy without blocking your view or you can have full privacy that will not allow visibility in or out. When visibility is not issue, a frosted film can be a great solution as it can’t be seen through under any lighting circumstances, day or night, however it will still allows 73% of the sun’s visible light to shine in. A mirror reflective film is a great solution when you are looking for one-way privacy. This film will allow you to have a natural view looking out while preventing people from looking in during daylight hours.


Security and protective films can provide increase protection against burglary, vandalism, and natural disasters. These types of films can drastically strengthen the windows and provide a barrier between the glass and the interior of your home and/or business. Security and protective films are almost shatter-proof; should the glass be broken, instead of allowing shattered glass to fly through the air, the glass will be held in place.

Property Value Increase

Window film does more than just protect a home and make a room more comfortable. It adds style and glamour without large costs and without the invasive nature of a renovation. There are many decorative films that can transform any glass panel into a design feature. Adding a decorative film can allow a window to imitate an expensive piece of glass or other material, and is a great way to get the look you want at a fraction of the cost.

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UV protection

Home Window Tint – A Huper Cermaic 60 was used to provide protection agains the heat & UV rays.

Heat Rejection

A Huper Optik Cermic film was used for Heat & UV light rejection

Frosted film

A Frosted film was applied to provide privacy from the outside yet still allowing 73% of the light in.

Custom Graphic

We custom made this graphic for our client.

Anti Graffiti Window Film Protects Glass Against Scratched

Anti Graffiti Window Film protects glass against scratches

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

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