UV Protection Window Film For Your Home

When we were contacted by the owners of this beautiful home they expressed they were interested in reducing heat coming into their home as well as blocking harmful UV rays but they did not want anything reflective. We scheduled a free consultation and during the

We scheduled a free consultation at which time we presented film samples, measured the glass and answered their questions.

The owners picked two films, Huper Optik’s Ceramic 60 as well as Huper Optik’s Ceramic 70 which are the only films on the market that are 100% dye and metal free. The film also includes a lifetime residential warranty which covers the film and installation.

The benefits of both films are listed below

Huper Optik Ceramic 6o Specs

60% Visible Light Transmission

9% Visible Light Reflectance

60% Infrared Heat Rejection

99.9% of UV Ray Rejection

43% Total Solar Energy Rejected

34% Glare Reduction


Huper Optik Ceramic 70

71% Visible Light Transmission

10% Visible Light Reflectance

88% Infrared Heat Rejection

99.9% of UV Ray Rejection

48% Total Solar Energy Rejected

20% Glare Reduction

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Keep your natural view from the inside looking out with window film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 70

Lifetime residential warranty covering the installation and film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 70

Blocs 99.9% of harmful UV rays and reduces 88% of the heat thats in your home

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Protect yourself from skin problems related to the sun with window film

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60 was applied to this window

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

Window film increases comfort making the inside of the home cooler

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV rays which is the light responsible for the fading/discoloring of floors, furniture, and wall hangings

Hüper Optik Ceramic 60

The windows that are facing West allow a lot of heat to come in

Window Tint LA does provide a completely free consultation, we come to you measure the glass, bring you film samples and answer all of your questions at that time. AND You will also get your quote on the spot.