UV Protection Window Film for South Park, the Commercial District of Downtown Los Angeles


It’s a blossoming commercial district with Staples Center and a huge new skyscraper coming, so it’s an opportune time to consider UV protection window film for South Park properties in downtown Los Angeles. Already planned for construction is what will be one of the tallest building in Los Angeles, by developer Crescent Heights, a tower of 714 feet tall at Olive and 11th streets that would house up to 800 condominiums above ground-floor commercial space in a mixed-use configuration. Already there’s a ton of window glass in South Park to be protected, and clearly more is to come.

Nearly Immeasurable Amount of Square Feet to Keep Cool

Anyone who’s been to Staples Center – and we assume most adult Angelenos have – know how much glass went into that structure’s exterior. With Staples Center came a lot of new construction around it, and this is one of the most vibrant and visited areas in all of downtown Los Angeles. With so much square footage to keep cool, plus thousands of employees and tenants to protect from the sun’s harmful rays, it’s wise to understand modern UV protection window film for South Park, Los Angeles properties.

Rejecting the Sun’s Powerful Rays in the South Park District of L.A.

The concept of UV protection window film in South Park of downtown Los Angeles – or privacy window film or security window film for that matter – is something commercial property owners or managers must be aware of in today’s energy-saving-conscious world. These modern films can reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays, also called UV light) that are known to cause skin cancer and cause damages to properties inside buildings over time such as flooring, blinds, drapes and more. Additionally, these films block most infra-red light (IR light, also called IR rays at times) which are responsible for the sun’s warmth.

Protection for Property, Workers and Visitors for these Buildings Downtown

Adding UV protection window film in South Park means dealing with properties bounded by the Santa Monica Freeway (10) and Harbor Freeway (110) on the south and west, respectively; and Main Street to the east, and Eighth Street on the north. It is home to the Los Angeles Convention Center, the aforementioned Staples Center, and the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Nearby are the neighborhoods of West Adams to the southwest, Pico-Union on the west, South Los Angeles to the southeast and the Financial District on the northeast.

Note on the Tallest Buildings of L.A.

The Olive-11th streets mixed-use tower won’t become the tallest building in Los Angeles – but it’s close. The tallest building in Los Angeles is the Wilshire Grand at 73 stories and 1,100 feet tall. The new structure, however, will rise above City National Tower, which with 52 stories reaches up 699 feet to the sky.

Notes on the ‘2 South Parks’ of L.A. (and the Fictional ‘South Park’)

This is not to be confused with the South Park neighborhood southwest of downtown, which is bounded by the neighborhoods of Vermont Square on the west, Central-Alameda on the east, Historic South Central on the north and Florence on the south.[LINK https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Park,_Los_Angeles ]. Also, obviously, the South Park commercial district and South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles are not part of the fictional community portrayed in the “South Park” television cartoon show.

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