UV Protection Window Film in Sylmar: Where Power Entered the Valley

It’s where the first springs of life trickled into the San Fernando Valley; so think deeply, and UV protection window film in Sylmar makes all the sense in the world. This is where the Cascades drop down from the Los Angeles Aqueduct, providing all the water that allowed the rest of the region to grow as it did. That water also allowed the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to grow into the power it is today – and getting UV protection window film on Sylmar homes means straying away from that power.

Save Significant Money each Month with Residential Window Films

Tired of the monthly DWP bills (which are only going to go up) for electricity in Sylmar? Then high-quality residential window films, especially UV protection window films for Sylmar homes are optimal to keep your home interior cooler all the time – and that air conditioning system OFF. Imagine how much money you can save each month in electricity bills, when a simple thin layer of film on all that glass rejects the sun’s power from heating up your home. The savings can be significant and are a key reason why residential window film applications in the Los Angeles area are growing by leaps and bounds.

Deter Potential Break-Ins with Window Film for Sylmar Homes

Sylmar takes a brunt of the stupendous growth of the Los Angeles region on several fronts, from all the water pouring down the cascades to the DWP’s spiderweb of power lines all over the place, to the confluence of massive freeways that carry thousands upon thousands of motorists by each day. All that traffic is not good for air quality, but also if you’re a local homeowner, for security. On-ramps mean fast getaways for criminals, so if you live near one think about a residential window film that can deter break-ins by blocking what crooks can see inside – before they decide to act!

Fight Away UV Rays and IR Light, Keep Sylmar Homes Cooler

Modern high-quality UV protection window films for Sylmar homes, like those produced by manufacturers like Huper Optik or LLumar, reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light) from penetrating into the insides of your home. These rays are dangerous to humans (they are known to cause skin cancer) and harmful to hardwood floors, carpets, drapery, blinds, furniture and much more. Then there’s infra-red light from the sun which is responsible for all the warming. Reject most IR rays, which Huper Optik window films do, and your home stays cooler all the time.

Summary: Benefits of UV Protection Window Film for Sylmar Homes

Benefits of UV protection window film in Sylmar are numerous. Here’s a nicely sized neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles, with a lot of older homes that have big windows leaking cool air and letting in too much of the sun’s light, and plenty of dry hot weather. Quality UV protection window films keep your home cooler all the time, leaving the A/C to rest more often and saving money on electricity bills. Contact us today to learn how this one-time investment into UV protection film for Sylmar homes and commercial structures can result in big dividends for years to come.


UV Protection Window Film in Sylmar

Before we installed Huper Optik window film

UV Protection Window Film in Sylmar

Before we installed heat blocking and uv protection window film

UV Protection Window Film in Sylmar

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UV Protection Window Film in Sylmar

Window film installed to block heat.

UV Protection Window Film in Sylmar

Lower your home energy bills with window film

UV Protection Window Film in Sylmar

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