Vista Window Film for Rolling Hills Estates

In this ultra-private city atop the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the residential-focused Vista Window Film for Rolling Hills homes seem a match made in Heaven. Vista Window Film is not your typical glass tint company, skipping the automotive market entirely to make sure its residential and commercial window films are as good and effective as possible. Owners of the 685 or so single-family residences of this small city would be wise to consider making the simple home improvement measure of adding Vista Window Film to the glass on the outside of their homes for a variety of improvements.

Improvement No. 1: Energy Efficiency

Rolling Hills residents are very cognizant of the environment around them, being careful to maintain a limited city government with plenty of rules to protect the open spaces and natural landscape around their properties. In this vein, tapping a quality window film like those made by Vista Window Film makes sense because these modern films can reduce the cooling costs for your home up to 50 percent. On top of the savings in electricity bills each month – for less air conditioning unit usage – these window films reduce fading of items inside and also provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Improvement No. 2: Health & Safety

The sun provides two lights in its spectrum that are harmful to us: ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and infra-red light (IR rays). Vista Window Film’s residential selections reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays which are known to cause skin cancer; and they also block a good portion of IR rays that are heat-producing. Together, let these rays enter your Rolling Hills homes unaddressed is unwise. Vista Window Film residential products also reduce glare and simply make interior rooms look better. The heat reduction alone is worth the investment and will gain a return on investment in short time.

Benefit No. 3: Security & Privacy

Quality Vista Window Film products for Rolling Hills homes provide added privacy, with a subtle tint shade or even a decorative touch like light frosting. This not only adds a bit of style for your home’s exterior but also impacts views from the outside into your home’s innermost areas. Have an antique light or artwork on the walls? Why even tempt would-be thieves to attempt entry by letting them easily see these items? Additionally, should a window be struck hard, whether on purpose or by accident, having window film attached prevents an explosion of small sharp fragments of glass from shooting out at persons or pets inside.

In Summary: Increase Efficiency and Comfort in Your Rolling Hills Home

Rolling Hills is a private and gated community located on top of the desirable Palos Verdes Peninsula area. The residents there work together to protect an equestrian and ranch-style lifestyle, with an eye on leaving native wildlife and the environment around their homes. Inside these homes, too much sunlight coming in increases energy costs, adds glare and fades items like hardwood floors, carpets and drapes. A one-time investment into Vista Window Film products can last many years and save an untold amount of money long-term.


Window Tinting In Rolling Hills Estates

Rolling Hills home before professionally installed window film to reduce heat

Window Tinting In Rolling Hills Estates

Your home will be brighter and cooler after applying window tint to your home windows (Before photo)

Window Tinting In Rolling Hills Estates

All the films we carry block 99.9% of UV Rays

Window Tinting In Rolling Hills

Increase your window strength with window film

Window Tinting In Rolling Hills

Keep your home cooler in the Summer with window film

Window Tinting In Rolling Hills Estates

After picture of window film installation in Rolling Hills Estates Home