Vista Window Film for Lake Balboa Homes and Businesses


It hasn’t been an official “community” of Los Angeles for very long but property owners there are very proud of where they live and could benefit greatly from the protection of Vista Window Film for Lake Balboa homes or businesses. With a percentage of residents between ages 35 and 49 among the highest in Los Angeles County, these are residents who are invested in their neighborhood and expect to stick around for a while. Considering this, plus the fact that most Lake Balboa homes are not the newest in the region, the performance power of Vista Window Film makes a lot of sense.

Reason No. 1: Stay Cool and Save Money

Vista Window Film products are excellent for home or business structures because that’s what they focus on. This is not a window film company that focuses on cars. You can reduce the costs to cool your home or building by up to 50 percent with Vista Window Film applied to all that glass. The films not only save on electricity bills (because A/C units can be left alone more often) they also protect from fading of items inside, and protect your skin from ultraviolet rays (UV rays). Cut heat and glare while adding privacy with these high-quality window films.

Reason No. 2: Just Feel Safer

Who doesn’t want peace of mind at their property that they are safe from everything, whether the elements, vandals, or straight-up criminals? Not that Lake Balboa is an unsafe neighborhood; far from it. But add a quality Vista Window Film to your home or business and make it harder for strangers to see directly inside. If they can’t see that antique lamp, or artwork on the wall, or computer terminals in your business, they’re less likely to attempt entry. Plus add a lot of privacy with a nice tint shade or even a decorative touch like light frosting.

Reason No. 3: Peace of Mind for Your Health

Vista Window Film produces what it calls UV window film which provides a barrier between those inside your building and its furnishings from harmful ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays are known to cause skin cancer, but also over time cause fading of furniture and flooring especially hardwood floors. Unimproved glass provides very little protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Adding a UV window film is an affordable alternative to other ways to block UV rays like blinds or curtains – which typically need to be replaced every few years anyway because the sun takes a toll on these items.

Summary: Intensive Protection for Lake Balboa Properties with Vista Window Film

Vista Window Film products reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays, plus a significant amount of the heating infra-red light (IR rays). Vista UV window film carries the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. On top of the benefits at a Lake Balboa home, like reducing electricity bills on an ongoing basis, these modern window films are excellent for retail stores to protect merchandise they want in windows for passing pedestrians to see. You don’t have to get a deep tint shade like on a car; clear window films are available to protect interiors while still letting people see inside or out. Call us today for information about Vista Window Film for properties in Lake Balboa or nearby locales like Van Nuys, Reseda, Northridge or the Sepulveda Basin area.

Lake Balboa Fast Facts

  • It was officially recognized as a community, separate from the larger Van Nuys, but the City of Los Angeles in 2006.
  • It is named for Lake Balboa Park, namely the 27-acre Lake Balboa that’s filled with water from a reclamation plant.
  • The Lake Balboa population today approaches 30,000 residents.
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