Vista Window Film in Mandalay Beach of Oxnard

Those from the area understand how fast the sun can swing the temperature inside a home, so considering Vista Window Film in Mandalay Beach in Oxnard is something every property owner should consider. Most don’t however because window film is so associated with autos in Southern California. What they don’t understand is that same modern technology-driven quality window films of today can do wonders for homes and business properties. Modern window films for instance reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s very dangerous ultraviolet rays (UV rays) as well as the light that causes heat from the sun: infra-red rays (IR rays).

The Intense Importance of Addressing Solar Power

Addressing those spectrums of the sun’s light – UV and IR rays – is intensely important for a homeowner. While most think they control it with blinds or shades, in reality not only do most neglect to ensure their windows are covered, even when they are the sun over time seriously reduces their ability to offer much protection. Ultraviolet rays in particular are dangerous because they’re known to cause skin cancer in humans, but also over time they dry out and cause significant damage to drapes, carpets and especially hardwood floors. In beach communities like Mandalay Beach hardwood floors are fairly common – to address sand being dragged inside.

Long-Term Damage from Sunlight Exposure

Over time certain areas of the home seem to get more direct sunlight than other parts. For instance, in a Mandalay Beach condo there could be a corner where the sun just shines all day long, in the process drying out the fibers of the carpet or maybe fading a nearby sofa. It’s one thing to blast the air conditioning unit all the time to keep the interior comfortable, but over time the damage to your property can be significant. So first off there’s the cost to repair or replace things like hardwood floors. On the other hand there’s the cost of running that air conditioning system all the time.

Total Solar Energy Rejected and More

Today’s modern window films like those offered by Vista Window Film or respected manufacturers like Huper Optik immediately reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays, and a good portion of IR rays. They also provide other benefits like glare reduction and total solar energy rejected, known as TSER, a key indicator in the performance of window films. People who have window film applied to home windows are amazed at how easy and comfortable it is inside their property and they hardly notice why. These window films work around the clock to protect your property, yourself, your family and your entire property.

Ongoing Protection from Relentless Sunshine

The Mandalay Beach neighborhood runs along the ocean around where West 5th Street in Oxnard ends. The beach itself is magnificent, a 94-acre Mandalay County Park that is hardly improved with natural wetlands, sand dunes, plants and more. Properties nearby are understandably valuable, both for proximity to the beach but also for the views and serenity. It’s a beautiful area of Ventura County, but it has its days where the sunshine is relentless. Those with properties with too many or too-large windows understand what this can mean to the temperature inside. You can save a lot of money on electricity bills each month with a simple one-time investment: add quality Vista Window Film to the glass and let the technology keep you comfortable inside.



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