Vista Window Film in Moorpark Home Acres of Ventura County

In this little niche that’s part of a city but not really, the high-quality Vista Window Film in Moorpark Home Acres makes even more sense than on the newer homes in Moorpark city proper. Moorpark Home Acres is a little unincorporated community adjacent to the City of Moorpark but in reality not part of the city but governed by the county of Ventura. The homes tend to be older than most others in the area, and a bit larger even by affluent Moorpark standards. Older and larger homes are prime candidates for a good residential window film home improvement project.

The Case for Window Film in Older and Larger Homes

Older homes like many in Moorpark Home Acres were built before modern weatherproofing tactics were employed on structures. As well, many older homes in these unincorporated pockets of Ventura County are old-fashioned being raised with space underneath, or way more ceiling space than necessary. Called “caps” in the development world, most ceilings are 8 feet but many older homes have caps of 9 feet or more. Every foot you add, think about all the square footage of air you need to cool or heat. It’s a key reason why Vista Window Film in Moorpark Home Acres homes makes a ton of sense.

Significant Cost Savings with Residential Window Film

Running an air conditioning unit all the time costs a lot of money. Too often people automatically associate window tinting with cars, but there’s no reason why the same benefits can’t be applied to a home or business structure. Actually for cars typically owners do it for aesthetic or privacy reasons – all valid. Heck for Moorpark Home Acres homes you sure can make your property stand out from the rest when the big old windows have less glare, or are tint-shaded a bit to make them look cool. But overall a Vista Window Film job on all your Home Acres windows works around the clock to keep your interior more comfortable. It’s all about science.

One-Time Investment that Pays Dividends for Years

Today’s modern window films like those produced by Vista Window Film or established and respected companies like Huper Optik engage scientific advances like nano-technology or even simple ceramic-based films. These window films reject up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s very harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are known to cause skin cancer but also wreak havoc on items inside your house like on blinds, drapes, carpets and especially hardwood floors. Have a hardwood floor in your Moorpark Home Acres home? Over time the sun will fade or discolor it, meaning an expensive fix-it or even full-on replacement. An easy fix is a one-time investment for film on your windows.

Moorpark Home Acres Residents Take Pride in their Properties

Moorpark Home Acres is an affluent area, with a median real estate price above $800,000. That’s higher than about 95 percent of neighborhoods in America. The owners here appreciate their independence from the taxes and overbearing regulations of the city right next to it. They value their properties, and as such should appreciate the value of adding Vista Window Film to all that glass around their homes. Not only will they save a lot of money on electricity bills, these films can obscure visions into homes which is a crime-deterring benefit. Upon strike with a hard object, window film on exterior glass holds it in place (albeit in damaged state) further serving as an obstacle to entry, plus it protects those inside from flying sharp pieces of glass. Call us today for more information about Vista Window Film for homes in Home Acres or nearby neighborhoods like Somis or Camarillo Heights.



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