West Hollywood Window Tint: Your More Affordable Home

West Hollywood is home to a plethora of classic Los Angeles architecture. The bungalows, townhouses, single family homes, and apartments of West Hollywood were largely built in the earlier and middle decades of the 1900s, and much of the construction is elegant and stylish. Many of the homes in West Hollywood are also dated in terms of amenities, however.

The older West Hollywood homes usually lack modern attributes like central air conditioning, double-paned energy efficient windows, and other facets people living in newer homes take for granted. That means when the sun shines brightly as it does so often in LA, West Hollywood residences are often too hot for comfort and can even be at risk of interior damage caused by all that sunshine.

Windows let invisible infrared light enter a home, and it is this type of solar energy that causes interior temperatures to rise. This elevated heat leads to the use of fans and AC systems in order to get the heat back down to a tolerable level. As it happens, air conditioning costs are usually the largest portion of residential power bills in West Hollywood homes.

In most properties in West Hollywood, CA the same single-pane that windows let warming infrared sunlight in are also the primary cause of treated, cool air leaking out of the residence. Windows are the most poorly insulated part of most residences, and the thin glass of the windows of older homes is the worst insulated of all.

With window film West Hollywood homes can stay cooler thanks to blocked infrared solar energy and thanks to the enhanced insulation provided by the film itself. In fact window film allows a single-paned window to offer as much insulation as a double-paned unit. And applying window film costs only a fraction of the price of replacing the windows in your West Hollywood home, especially if the frames are cut into a unique, custom shape.

Window tint is ideal for keeping your West Hollywood home cooler and for reducing power bills, but it can also help in another major way: window film blocks out an amazing 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet light, therefore effectively preventing the fading of the interior. That means wood floors that won’t become discolored, carpets and upholstery that won’t bleach, and artwork and photos that will last for years.

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