Whiteout Film Applied for Privacy

Have you ever felt you don’t have enough writing space in your office? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to literally write on the walls and windows in your office? Perhaps, you need more privacy in your office? Maybe you would like to enhance the look of your office space?

Window Tint LA has the perfect solution for you! We offer dry erase film for walls and windows. Installing whiteboard films allow you to turn virtually any flat space into a creative note pad. We also offer whiteout window film, which provides total privacy day and night when looking in and out of windows.

For this Universal City office, we installed Solyx 100% total light blocking whiteout film and Solyx dry erase white film. Installing these two films allowed our clients total privacy for their office spaces and created more writing space in their conference rooms.

The whiteout film blocks 99.0% of harmful UV rays. This helps to prevent floors, furniture and other valuables from fading. In addition, it also reduces glare by 82%, which adds comfort when viewing computer screens by reducing eyestrain.

Are you ready to enhance your office space? Call Window Tint LA at 310-935-1748. We offer completely free consultations. We will measure your glass, provide you with film samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide you with a quote on the spot! Call anytime, we are open 7 days a week!

day and night privacy window film

Whiteout film installed in Universal City office.

Solyx dry erase white film

Dry erase film installed on conference room for additional writing space.

Dry erase film installed in conference room

Dry erase board film installed on office conference room wall.

complete privacy window film

Whiteout film provides total privacy day and night when looking in and out of window.

Dry erase film in office

Dry erase board installed on the entire wall to create additional writing space during meetings.

dry erase window film

View of entire wall with dry erase film.

white privacy window film

Whiteout film installed for complete privacy in Universal City office.

privacy window tint for office

View of window from inside office after whiteout film has been installed.