White Out Window Film Installed In Conference Room For Privacy

This client wanted a film that would block total visibility for their conference room. Window Tint LA installed Edge White Out Window Film in this office. Whiteout window tint will provide complete privacy and is a 100% opaque window film.

Whiteout window film is a privacy window film that offers both commercial and residential properties myriad benefits. From superlative privacy enhancement to total light blocking to a drastic reduction in solar heat, whiteout window tint is an affordable, reliable way to alter and improve a property.

High quality whiteout window film has a solar reflectance rating of more than 40%, and solar energy absorption properties of greater than 50%. That means a drastic reduction in the amount of solar heat that enters a property. When an interior is protected from solar heat, it stays cooler and more comfortable for those inside, and it is less expensive to maintain thanks to the diminished need for air conditioning and fans for climate control. Whiteout window film can also help keep interiors warmer during the colder months thanks to its added insulation properties.

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The image above was taken before we installed the White Frost Window Film to the conference room. As you can see, we can clearly see through the glass, but once the film is installed it will block total visibility.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

The image above was taken after the film was installed in the conference room.  As you can see the White Out Film blocks total visibility.

Whiteout Window Film Offers 100% Privacy
If you need to make it impossible to see through a window, whiteout window film is the most reliable, affordable way to do so. Even some other types of window films, like etched or sandblasted window film, still show silhouettes and even some details, especially when the lights are on and it’s dark outside. Only total blackout window film can reliably block the view into your home, business, medical practice, or other location.

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