Window Film for Marina Del Rey Homes

Thanks to the light wind that continually blows in from the ocean, the temperatures in Marina Del Rey is seldom unpleasantly hot, even at the height of the summer. Yet when the sun comes pouring through the windows of your home for hours on end, the residence is going to get warm.

That’s why in Marina Del Rey residential window film is so popular. Window tint blocks the infrared solar radiation that is largely responsible for causing interiors to warm up. That solar heat paired with the breeze often allows your residence to remain cool and mild all summer without the use of fans or the AC. And as running HVAC systems is the biggest user of electricity for most properties, you can save enough money in reduced energy costs to pay for the installation of window film in your Marina Del Rey property.

The other major impetus for residents of this and other Los Angeles neighborhood use window tint is to blocking the damage caused by ultraviolet rays of sunlight. UV light can fade wood flooring, carpeting, curtains and drapes, and upholstery, it can destroy artwork and photos, and it even poses a health hazard, increasing the possibility that skin cancer will develop the more you are exposed to the UV rays.

Window tint blocks 99% of the harmful UV light, but it won’t stop the welcome natural light you love about Marina Del Ray from entering your residence. Tinting can reduce the glare of sunshine while still allowing your Marina Del Ray home to remain bright and welcoming. And it will not damage the view out through the windows at all.

And if you are tired of people looking into your home, privacy window film can give you and everyone in your house total anonymity during the daytime, with windows offering a one-way view out into Marina Del Rey while blocking the view of anyone outside.

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Window tint near me

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Home tinting near me

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