Window Tint Proves Important for West Hollywood Homes with Solar Panels

Since its founding in 1984, West Hollywood, California has been held up as a beacon of progressive, proactive thought and activity. The city and its residents are often frontrunners on major issues ranging from civil rights to the environment, with WeHo leading the struggle toward a better nation at large. It’s little struggle, however, to convince anyone that a smaller energy bill and a reduced carbon footprint are both great. But fewer than a 800,000 American residences have solar electric systems, even though these systems are the very best way homeowners can lower their living expenses while simultaneously going green.

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Solar Power: A Bright Idea For West Hollywood Homes

And if you call West Hollywood home, you have even more reason than most Americans to consider solar panels for your residence. You know all those cloudy days and heavy snowfalls that afflict the city so often? Right, not so much; it’s not called The Sunset Strip for no reason, after all. (In fact, the last recorded accumulation of snow in West Hollywood took place in 1949!)

Clearly we’re excited to talk about solar power, but before doing that, we want to discuss West Hollywood, California. WeHo enjoys well over 300 days of bright sun each and every year (for reference, look at Boston, Massachusetts, which gets fewer than 100 clear days annually). The median income for a West Hollywood household is around $54,000 each year. Now consider that an average residential electric bill for the year is around $1,150. So that’s more than 2% of a home’s income being spent on electricity each year. And over the course of, oh let’s say, 25 years, it means nearly $29,000 being spent.

Alright, now we’ll move on to discussing solar systems for homes. The average cost of a residential solar system runs around $10,000, though that price may go up a bit with installation fees, but also will likely drop be several thousand dollars thanks to generous tax credits offered by the federal, state, and local governments (these are always subject to change, however, and in fact one major credit is likely expiring in 2016). Now, remember that 25 year cost we calculated earlier? Well consider this: solar energy systems are designed to last for a minimum of 25 years, and often last decades beyond that.

Solar Panel Installation in West Hollywood

Solar Panel Installation in West Hollywood

OK, time to do some math!

Average American homes use about 3,000 kWh (that’s “kilowatt-hours”) of electricity each year; a quality solar array can easily generate that much juice. So you stand to save that $1,150 each year, or that $29,000 25-year figure. That means your solar system will essentially pay for itself three times over.

But what is the process of actually getting solar panels installed like? Well, for starters, it usually takes no more than a day or two! Installation of the panels and support racks themselves can be completed in a few hours, and the process of hooking the new power source up to your home’s system is usually simple provided your hardware is in good shape. All you need beyond the panels themselves is some wiring and a converter that turns the captured direct current into a useable alternating current format.

Why should you consider home window tint?

Well, a lot of reasons, actually. But first lets focus on savings:

Window tint treatments can dramatically cut down on the amount of warming IR (or infrared) light that gets through your windows, thus keeping your interior spaces cooler and lessening the need for climate control. As HVAC usage is quite often the largest piece of a home’s electric bill, stopping the temperature from ever climbing means lessening the need for air conditioning and fans, which means a smaller power bill! So when working together, window film and solar panels might just be able to shrink your electric bill down to almost nothing, and they might just be able to see the scales tip in your favor, with your home generating money for itself. (And no, window tint doesn’t damage your view out, but it does block dangerous ultraviolet light and unwanted eyes from seeing into your West Hollywood home!)

Home Window Tinting in West Hollywood

Home Window Tinting in West Hollywood

Here’s something else to consider: on many bright and sunny days, your PV (that’s “photovoltaic” which is really just a fancy way to say… solar) arrays may generate more power than your household needs. When that occurs, you can actually send power back into the grid and get credit for it. That’s right: solar panels not only save you money, but they can occasionally generate cash by generating kilowatts.

And if you want to think even greener for the earth and even leaner for your energy costs, consider taking other steps to reduce your use of power that will compliment your new solar array.

Want to save even more cash off your energy bills? Take it a step farther and consider home window tint for that West Hollywood residence.

Solar Panel Installation - West Hollywood

Man installing alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roofSolar Panel Installation – West Hollywood