Window Film Installed For Heat Rejection In West Hollywood

Window Tint LA used two different window films in our update to this West Hollywood home’s windows. In one area of the house, the homeowner was concerned with the amount of heat coming in through their room windows; the solution we recommended was Huper Optik Select Drei Window Film, a tint that is nearly miraculous thanks to its many qualities, with heat rejection as its paramount quality. In fact, Select Drei Window Film blocks as much as 98% of exterior infrared heat from coming into a property. How was this amazing product created? The highly specialized reflective technology behind this window film was originally developed for NASA’s Space Shuttle program. To allow a pilot to fly a plane through the fiery process of entering the atmosphere, a very high performing window was needed, one that resisted heat without compromising the pilot’s view. The NASA team developed the the spectrally selective technology you can enjoy today. By using Nano Technology, scientists were able to configure precious metals (silver and gold) to allow in the maximum amount of light but reject the maximum amount of heat without increasing the visual reflectivity of the glass.

On other parts of the house we installed Huper Optik Ceramic 40 Window Film. This quality film provides 99.9% UV ray protection. UV Rays are responsible for the fading of furniture, floors, and artwork and can even damage skin with prolonged exposure. This blending of some of the best window films on the market created a perfect customized . Our films include a lifetime residential and 15 year commercial warranty.


West Hollywood Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Select Drei Window Film is the on of best performing films on the market. It blocks 98% of infrared heat from coming in through the windows, keeping interiors dramatically cooler.

West Hollywood Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

In this part of the house the client wanted Ceramic 40; not as much sun hits this side of the house, but heat rejecting window tint is always welcome in sunny California.

West Hollywood Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Huper Optik Select Drei is the best window film for high heat rejection.

Window Tinting With Window Tint LA

Huper Optik Ceramic 40% was installed in this West Hollywood home. Below you can see the view from the outside looking in after the Ceramic 40% film installed. The film is metal-free and dye-free which is why it does not have a shiny silver appearance to it. Instead, the natural aesthetics and tone of the glass remain intact.