Home Window Film: Perfect for Playa Vista

Playa Vista is one of the newer neighborhoods of western Los Angeles, and it is also one of the absolute most desirable, too. Residents of this lovely area are lucky to own a home there, as the value of Playa Vista real estate is on an ascendant path that should continue for years to come, especially as the area hosts more and more people who work in the tech industry.

If you own a home in Playa Vista, you owe it to your choice piece of property to make sure the residence is protected against one of the most common forms of damage experienced in Los Angeles. The issue has nothing to do with earthquakes or with crime, or anything so dramatic: in Playa Vista residential window tint is a must have. Believe it or not, sun damage is likely the single biggest threat to your Playa Vista residence. Sunshine can slowly but steadily fade the flooring of your home, discoloring wood, carpets, and laminate alike. It can fade and discolor linens and upholstery, and it can ruin artwork adorning the walls.

With window tint, you can block the harmful portions of the sunlight spectrum without reducing the amount of bright, invigorating visible light you want in your home in Playa Vista. Window film rejects up to 99.9% of the UV light that causes the worst sun fading and discoloration, but it still lets in plenty of light, albeit with less of the harsh glare that can make screens hard to see and rooms generally too bright for comfort.

And while Playa Vista usually enjoys mild temperatures thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the long summer days can be hot, especially inside. Solar radiation causes interior warming that requires use of AC systems. This in turn drains lots of electricity and runs up your energy bill. With window film Playa Vista homes stay cooler and more comfortable and are cheaper to maintain. This is also true in the winter when you might actually experience rather cold temperatures in Playa Vista: residential window film adds a layer of insulation to glass windows that helps them preserve interior temperatures, whether that means keeping your home cooler or warmer.

Most Playa Vista window film installation jobs will pay for themselves in a as little as a year in terms of the energy savings you reap with reduced use of HVAC systems. You will enjoy the comfort right away and the savings over time.

UV Protection

Block 99.9% of harmful UV rays with window film

Reduce Heat

Lifetime Residential Warranty covers the installation and film

Reduce Heat

Reduce heat and lower your energy bill

Security Film

Security film was applied to windows to protect the home from break ins