Window Film Prevents Turf From Burning

The owners of this Irvine home were having a problem with their artificial grass burning. The sun’s reflection off the windows onto the turf was causing the artificial grass to burn and discolor. We were able to solve this problem for them.

In order to stop this from happening any more they chose to install an exterior window film. There are a few different films that can stop turf from burning. The owners of this home picked a Silver Screen Film to install and prevent further damage. This particular film has a similar appearance to a bug screen when looking at it from the inside or outside. Because of  this appearance, you will still have visibility when looking out from the inside. This type of film is available in three color options white, black, and silver. Silver is the most popular choice.

If the sun’s reflection from your windows is causing burning, discoloration, or any sun damage around the outside of your home, we can help. Window Tint LA offers completely free consultations. We will come out to you with film samples, measure the windows, answer your questions, and provide you with a quote on spot!

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turf is being damaged and needs protection from sun reflection

Before the turf guard was installed

turf guard needed to stop artificial glass from burning

Before the turf guard was installed

Windows before turf guard was installed to stop burning

Windows before the turf guard was installed

keep turf from burning with silver screen film application

Silver Screen Turf Guard Film installed to the exterior of the windows

Silver screen film installed to prevent turf burn

Silver Screen Turf Guard installed to the top of the windows to prevent artificial grass from burning

Turf guard film installed to stop turf burn

Silver Screen Film applied to the top of the windows to stop the sun’s reflection from burning the turf

Turf burning protection

Turf Guard installed to prevent the sun’s rays from reflecting onto the turf

Turf guard installed in Irvine to stop turf from burning

Silver screen film applied to the exterior to protect the turf from burning