Window Film Tinting for Mission Hills Homes

Many areas of the San Fernando Valley could use help combating the sun’s harmful rays, so thinking about window film tinting in Mission Hills is natural. This part of the Valley, in the northeast quadrant, seems to get prolonged exposure to the sun each day and homeowners can struggle keeping houses cool through tough summer and early autumn days. Add to it the warm or sometimes hot winds that blow through the area and it can be an ongoing battle for Mission Hills homeowners to keep their houses cool and cozy. Hence the argument for residential window film tinting in Mission Hills and nearby communities like Sylmar, Pacoima and Arleta.

The Sun’s Spectrum of Light and Solar Power

Starting deliberations for residential window film tinting in Mission Hills, get an understanding of sunlight and the pieces of its spectrum. There’s visible light that we’re all familiar with, but there’s also infra-red light (IR rays) that provides the warmth. Finally there is ultraviolet light (UV rays) that provides the most damage. The latter two, IR rays and UV rays, if left unaddressed can wreak havoc inside your home both to humans and property inside. UV rays are known to cause skin cancer, can cause premature aging, and on property like hardwood floors or carpeting cause fading or discoloration.

Invisible but Ever-Working Danger in Mission Hills Homes

Both UV and IR light are invisible to our eyes but their work is ongoing especially in the Valley where the sun shines a good portion of the days in the year. While us residents and visiting tourists love all the sunshine, when it comes to your health and your property it is dangerous to overlook it. Hardwood floors, artwork on walls, photos in frames, merchandise in stores … You name it and UV light exposure can permanently alter it. Ultraviolet light creates a photochemical reaction when it hits floors, like hardwood especially those made of maple or oak which can turn yellow or get bleached with too much exposure.

Modern Window Tint Films Provide Steady Protection

Don’t forget about other items inside your Mission Hills homes that may be susceptible to prolonged exposure to sun rays, like carpeting, area rugs, even tiles. Ultraviolet light also damages upholstery, fabrics, cotton, linen, wool, silk, pretty much anything we typically see inside houses. Think about the big windows in the front of many older homes, or even skylights above, and how much sunlight they let in. Today’s modern window films can reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays and a good portion of IR light, even without overdoing the tint shade. These films can be ultra-protective and even add a touch of style to the exterior look of your Mission Hills home.

Learn How to Save Money, Get other Benefits with Window Film on Mission Hills Homes

Many housed in the Los Angeles area including in Mission Hills and Arleta are filled with exterior windows, purposely placed there long ago to enjoy all the sunshine and help add light ambiance to home interiors. Yet too much exposure can harm your health, cost you money in replacing faded items, and ultimately cost you money to keep your home cooler. Contact us today for more information about how quality window film tinting can save money on electricity bills, along with a slew of other benefits.


Window Tinting In Mission Hills

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Window Tinting In Mission Hills

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Window Tinting In Mission Hills

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Window Tinting In Mission Hills

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Window Tinting In Mission Hills

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Window Tinting In Mission Hills

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