Window Tint to Protect Your Venice Beach Home from Damaging Ultraviolet Light

Sunlight is one of the best parts of living in Los Angeles, and the long sunny days and stunning sunsets are one of the best parts of life in Venice Beach in particular. But Southern California’s hundreds of days of sunshine each year can also take their toll on your Venice Beach home or commercial property.

Persistent sunlight can damage everything from flooring to furniture to merchandise to artwork, and if your property’s windows have not been treated with the right window films, that damage is happening every time the sun is shining.

The sun’s ultraviolet light causes a photochemical reaction when it falls upon most surfaces and materials, and that reaction is perceptible over time in the form of bleaching or discoloration. If you have carpets or hardwood floors in your Venice Beach home, you can easily see what the sun does to the floors: just move a piece of furniture or a throw rug that has sat in one place for an extended period and you will almost surely see a different color of wood or fabric where the sun has been blocked. The carpet may look bleached with washed out colors, and the hardwood may be faded, yellowed, or discolored depending on the type of lumber.

But it’s not just flooring and furniture that can be damaged by sunshine, and sun damage is certainly not a problem felt only by residential Venice Beach properties: places of business are every bit as prone to issues. Retail shops, especially those selling clothing, furniture, or artwork, are especially susceptible to the damage of sunlight, as if their inventory is faded or discolored by ultraviolet light, it may well be ruined and end up as a loss for the business.

Fortunately today’s cutting-edge window tint can block up to 99.99% of those harmful UV rays while still allowing in plenty of bright visible light and without obstructing the view out through your windows at all. You can choose window films that will add privacy while blocking harmful sunlight, or you can opt for films that allow easy viewing from both inside and out, perfect for display windows in shops.

Window tint protects Venice Beach properties from damaging ultraviolet light, but still lets in the pleasant natural light that is such an important part of the Southern California lifestyle.

Protect Floors Furniture from Fading Home Window Tint

Protect Floors Furniture from Fading Home Window Tint Los Angeles