Window Tinting In Beverly Hills, The 90210

Beverly Hills is often referred to as the 90210, a prime zip code for the city. Being surrounded by Los Angeles and Hollywood this glamours city is home to many celebrities and notable people. There are many historic land marks such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, Greystone Mansion, Rodeo Drive, and much more. This city is extremely affluent, filled with million dollar homes. Many home owners in the 90210 know that having professionally installed window film will benefit them greatly. Window film will not only help protect your home and love ones from sun damage, increase privacy, decrease your energy bills, increase your property values but also strengthen your windows. Here at Window Tint LA all of the film we carry blocks up to 99.9% of uv rays and we only carry the highest performing films on the market.

For this project our client was concerned with the amount of heat coming into their home, as well ad the fading of their floors and other materials in the home. This client was running their air cooling system all the time, resulting in a much higher energy bill. We sent out one of our expert consultants for a completely free consultation to make a recommendation for this client. Huper Optik was a perfect choice for this stunning home. What is Huper Optik? they are a German brand that is leading the way in the window film industry. They are know for their nano-technology and high heat rejecting films.

We applied Huper Optik’s Select Sech film to the windows in this home; here are the specs

Visible Light Transmission: 59%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 54%

UV Rejection:99%

Infrared Reduction: 83%

Glare Reduction:34%


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Before we installed Huper Optik Select Sech to this elegant home

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After we applied Huper Optik Select Sech

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After we applied heat blocking film to this stunning home