Window Turf Installed In Long Beach Home

In various parts of the United States, residents are being asked to reduce their water consumption. Most people are turning towards artificial grass. Artificial grass, also known as turf dramatically reduces the amount of water used to maintain a beautiful landscaped yard.

Turf is much easier to maintain. There is no need to water it, mow it, or fertilize it. The only possible downfall, is high temperatures can potentially melt the turf. If this is a problem you are experiencing, we have a solution for you!

Adding turf guard window film to your windows that face your turf will prevent melting, burning and discoloration. Without the window film, the reflection from energy efficient windows can magnify the sun, and cause your turf to melt and burn. If you need to protect your turf, give us a call today! We are open 7 days a week and are ready to assist you. We offer completely free consultations.

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Window film installed to stop turf from melting

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Professionally installed turf guard window film

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Protect your turf with window film

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Window film installed to protect turf in beautiful Long Beach home