Winnetka Home Window Tinting in Detail

Home window tinting in Winnetka is kind of like the community’s stature in the big San Fernando Valley. More than 55,000 people live in Winnetka, yet it can be easily overlook compared with neighboring Northridge with its large public university, Woodland Hills with its shopping or Chatsworth with its rustic history. Yet all these communities feature many single-family homes with large windows and a need to fear the ever-present sun and the damages it can cause. It gets plenty hot in Winnetka and property owners are wise to take precautions. Residential window tinting is an excellent option for protection and cost savings.

True Impacts of Long-Term Sun and Heat Exposure

Longtime Winnetka homeowners are aware of what the Valley sun and heat can do to properties. For instance, the roofing business does quite well there considering the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) dry out shingle roof systems, which requires repairs or full roof replacements. Any roofer can tell you the impact the sun in Winnetka has on structures. It’s true for things inside the house, too. Sun damage to drapes, carpets, sofas and more is possible in areas inside the home prone to constant direct sunlight. A quality window tint film on windows helps reject UV rays and otherwise resist solar energy.

Quality Window Films and Their Benefits for Winnetka Homes

Quality window tints like those used by Window Tint LA, which include window films from LLumar, Huper Optik and 3M, reject nearly all UV rays and offer other protective benefits including rejecting much of the infra-red rays (IR rays) coming from the sun, and boosting privacy and security inside a home. Winnetka is not known for a lot of crime, but still homeowners could help avoid dealing with a break-in if they could better hide what’s inside. A dark-shaded window tint can make it harder for potential culprits to inventory what they want inside your home.

Big Homes, Big Windows, Big Heat

This neighborhood in the west-central portion of the San Fernando Valley was founded in 1922 as a small farming community, and much like neighboring Chatsworth some of that rural feel remains. Many old, large ranch houses remain in the area, and there are plenty of homes with big windows to let in the sun and allow those inside to see out. Big windows let in a lot of solar energy and can warm a house pretty quickly. Some window tints can reject solar energy while also remaining relatively invisible. For those who don’t want their house looking like I specially tinted car, clear yet protective window films are available.

Energy Savings, Too, with Window Tinting in Winnetka

The 4.78 square miles of neighborhoods in Winnetka are largely single-family homes and suburban, with some multi-family dwellings and strips of businesses that mostly cater to the locals. Owners of properties whether homes or businesses can save considerably in energy costs by having quality window tint film applied to all that glass. Today’s advanced window films provide a powerful protective layer to keep out harmful sun rays, provide more privacy and security, and often improvement to the exterior appearance of structures. Call us today for more information about home window tinting in Winnetka, and about how you can get started!

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View of windows before installing privacy film

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View of windows after installing privacy frost film.

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Outside view of windows after installation

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