Edge Window Films

Edge Film Technologies offers some of the finest window film and window tint products available today. Both their commercial window film and residential window film offerings are a leading choice for construction and renovation professionals everywhere, while Edge Film automotive window tint is fast becoming an industry standard, defining the benchmarks for quality and value in vehicle window film.

Edge window film can be used to improve a property in multiple ways and can installed in myriad types of property. These include private single-family residences, schools and daycare centers, government and military facilities, retail locations, businesses, medical offices and healthcare establishments, and more.

The benefits offered by window film from Edge Film Technologies include everything from reduced fading to floors and furnishings, less glare during peak sunlight hours, reduced interior temperatures, and even lowered energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Edge window film can also enhance privacy and security, and can even improve the look of a home or business, both from the outside and within.

Edge Window Film for the Commercial Market

Edge Film Technologies commercial window film clients include multiple story office towers, one-off retail locations or restaurants, and everything in between. If a business has even a single glass window, there is an Edge window film that can help improve that facility. From enhanced climate control to reduced electricity costs to better safety and security, Edge commercial window film is a low cost, high return investment that benefits employees, clients and patrons alike.

Several of the notable benefits Edge window films offer commercial clients merit specific discussion:

Reduced Operating Costs

Edge Film Technologies’ solar window films come in a variety of options, including Silver 20, Silver 30, and Silver 40, Ultraview 15, Ultraview 25, and Ultraview 35, Bronze 20 and 35, and All Season Low E. Each variety of window film offers slightly varied degrees of light reflectance, light transmission, glare reduction, and solar heat reflectance and/or absorption, and all offer markedly reduced electricity costs and improved interior climate control.

All Edge films block 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light, which prevents the unwanted fading and bleaching of floors, upholstery, artwork, documents, and more. UV light can also cause skin damage with prolonged exposure, so blocking it helps keep both employees and visitors safer.

By rejecting a large portion of the sun’s invisible but warming infrared light, Edge Film Technologies solar window film helps prevent a business’s interior from heating up, which means less need for use of HVAC systems to maintain a comfortable temperature. This can lead to a dramatic reduction in overall energy consumption, which translates to large cost savings. Solar window films also enhance a property’s insulation quality, which helps maintain both cooled and warmed interior temperatures, further reducing cooling and heating costs.

Improved Interior Comfort

Edge window tints can block the solar heat that creates unpleasant hotspots and they can help reduce and regulate overall temperatures, creating a cool, comfortable place in which to work, shop, dine, exercise, or meet with clients. These window films also reduce solar glare, stopping that harsh glut of sunlight that makes it harder to read or see screens and can cause eyestrain and even headaches. A cooler, well-lit but glare-free workplace is more conducive to productive, efficient work and to a staff and clientele more pleased with their experience at any given commercial location.

Commercial Safety and Security Window Film

Edge Film Technologies offers two types of commercial security window film: Guardian 4 and Guardian 8. These window films each offer nearly 90% visible light transmission and approximately 15% solar energy (or heat) rejection. That means a bright interior but with reduced glare, and moderate solar heat reduction as well. But more to the point, both of these Edge security window films offer a tensile strength rated at 25,000 pounds per square inch.

Safety window film can help prevent windows from shattering in the even of a break-in attempt, during a disaster or weather event, or when extremes of wind or temperature might damage unprotected glass. A window treated with Edge security window film may be cracked and compromised by a criminal or an accident, but it won’t break into separate pieces, meaning less chance of trespass or theft, less potential injury for those near the broken window, and ease and reduced cost of cleanup and replacement.

Decorative Window Film Treatments

Edge Film Technologies offers window films and window tints that can improve both the look and function of a property inside and out. Some of the most popular options are white and frost window films, which allow plenty of visible light to pass through but which completely obscure the vision of anyone trying to see through a window. This can enhance the privacy of an office, a restroom, an exam room, and more.

Aesthetic Improvement Through Exterior Uniformity

Architectural glass is used both as a part of a building’s design and to cover the areas between floors and walls, presenting a uniform exterior when a building is viewed from outside. Achieving this uniformity can be difficult to do using glass alone, though, as different types of glass often must be used for window areas as that affixed to structural elements. Window film can help to match the appearance of all types of glass in a building, creating the handsome uniformity an architect or industrial designer seeks in creating attractive buildings.

Anti Graffiti Window Film

Edge anti graffiti window film is optically clear and will change the appearance of a window in no marked way. That is, until it preserves the appearance of the window after a vandal mars the surface with paint, scratches, or etching. This sacrificial window film can be removed and replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing actual window panes (usually around 10% of the cost), and the replacement of anti graffiti window film is much faster and less involved than window replacement, too. Quick removal of tags or damage also helps to discourage repeated acts of vandalism.

Edge window tinting and window films are also popular with residential customers; a customized window film installation can improve the appearance and function of your home in myriad ways.

Reduced Electricity Use

The average home incurs almost 50% of its electrical costs through heating and cooling. Edge residential solar window film can reduce solar heat and add insulation that will help maintain mild temperatures inside your home, lessening the need for air conditioners, fans, and heating units, which means markedly less power use. For most residences, the costs of installing residential sun control window tint will be surpassed by HVAC savings in just a handful of years.

Ultraviolet Light Protection

Residential window tint can block 99% of the sun’s UV rays. That means less fading to your hardwood flooring and carpets, upholstery, artwork, linens, and other decor elements. Ultraviolet light is also the main culprit for skin damage, and extended exposure over a number of years can lead to wrinkles, sun spots, and can even contribute to the development of serious afflictions like skin cancer. Blocking UV light with window tint is a simple, cost effective way to protect your home and your family.

Enhanced Interior Comfort

If the sun makes your home too hot and/or bright during many of the daylight hours, then solar window tint is the answer. Window film can reduce the sun’s glare while still permitting sufficient natural light for a well lit, inviting home. And reduced solar heat means more than just lower annual HVAC costs; it means a more pleasant interior day to day, too.

Residential Security Window Film

Edge Film Technologies security window film can help transform your home into the castle you want it to be. Safety window film renders windows virtually impregnable by thieves, preventing breaking and entering crimes by ensuring panes of glass will hold together as solid units even when attacked with a brick or hammer. Safety window film also helps keep your property and family safe during a severe storm, a natural disaster, or during times of civil unrest. Windows treated with security window film can stand up to flying debris, blasts, and other dangers.

Residential Privacy Window Film

Whether you choose one-way window tint to help block the view in through your open windows during the day or frosted window film that allows in light but makes windows impossible to see through at all times, day or night, residential privacy window film is a great way to make your home a safe, secure place for your family, your guests, and for all of your valued possessions. Window film is also a great choice for creating the ideal lighting conditions in a bedroom or media room.

Edge Technologies Automotive Window Film

Edge Film Technologies offers multiple options for automotive window tinting. Automotive window film can enhance a vehicle’s appearance and safety, and it can make a car or truck safer for its driver and passengers.

Edge offers four types of vehicle window film, including Shadow CS, XP Ultra, Spectra HP, and Clear Comfort. Choosing the right window film for your needs is a mix of subjective and objective considerations, but all Edge vehicle window films offer myriad benefits.

Automotive Window Film for Aesthetics

Vehicular window tint is one of the most cost effective and low impact ways to improve the way your prized car or truck looks. From windows darkened to any degree of tint to the addition of subtle colors to a reflective metallic finish, Edge automotive window tint can help you achieve the look you want for your prized vehicle. Automotive window tint can also help bring a uniformity of appearance to a fleet of cars, trucks, or busses, making a company look more professional and attractive to prospective clients.

Vehicle Window Film for Enhanced Safety, Theft Prevention

Just as the windshield of your car is made from laminated safety glass that won’t break into multiple pieces even when cracked, so too can every window in a car be made safer with automotive window film. Edge Film Technologies’ vehicle window film can hold broken glass together even when it has been shattered by an accident or theft attempt, keeping those inside the car safer, and preventing people who have no business accessing the car from getting inside.

Automotive Window Film for Privacy and Comfort

While vehicle window tint certainly improves the look of a vehicle, so too does it make it harder for a vehicle’s occupants to be seen from the outside. This is a comfort to those who value privacy and a necessity for anyone at potential risk of harassment or worse who needs to remain anonymous. Automotive window film also offers a sun protection factor (referred to as SPF) of 200 or more, which helps to protect the skin and eyes of anyone inside the car. A vehicle treated with window film will also remain cooler and more comfortable, and its interior will be protected against fading, as these window tints block up to 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light.

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