Window Tint Brand Comparison – Llumar vs Huper Optik

Window tint can add beauty, privacy, security and energy efficiency to a home. Window tinting is a lower cost alternative to replacing existing windows whether the homeowner’s purpose is energy efficiency or simply to upgrade aging windows. A homeowner must decide what benefit they are hoping to receive from adding a window tint.

Energy efficiency and protection from the sun’s damaging rays are key considerations many homeowners cite when shopping for window tint. Window tint can significantly reduce heat buildup within the home, providing a more comfortable environment and reducing the load on cooling systems. This can result in significant cost savings by lowering energy bills, by reducing wear on cooling equipment thereby requiring lower maintenance costs, and by increasing the life span of the cooling equipment. In many cases, the window tint pays for itself in just a few years through reduction in costs.

frost privacy window film

Huper Optik Architectural Frost Privacy Film provides 99.9% UV Rejection and includes a 15 year commercial / lifetime residential warranty

Choosing the best window tint to protect valuable decor and artwork, even one’s skin, from harmful UV rays is important. The sun’s UV rays coming through unprotected windows can fade drapes, carpets and upholstery. This damage to the decor, and damage to valuable artwork and antiques, can be prevented with quality window film. A protected window can shield skin as well from the effects of UV rays preventing early aging and other damage.

Home Window Tinting in West Hollywood

Home Window Tinting in West Hollywood

Llumar brand of window film and offers products specific to heat reduction, privacy, and shatter resistance. These films are made from polyester that is treated, coated, or laminated with differing materials according to purpose. Llumar window film comes in varied grades of reflectivity ranging from clear UV protective film to mirrored effects. These have heat rejection ratings ranging from 16% to 84%. Llumar offers 99% shielding from UV rays with its Low-E, Deluxe, and Neutral series.

Huper Optik was recently named the “Green Solution for Windows” by Popular Science magazine. They earned that title by provided the best window films on the market that enhance energy efficiency, privacy, and security using a patented nanoceramic technology. Huper Optik products are embedded with titanium nitride beads that block 99.9% of UV rays. Their residential window film has low reflectivity and heat rejection ratings of up to 70%. Most Huper Optik coatings are dye-free and metal-free. Huper Optik does not offer a highly reflective product.

Another consideration in choosing window film is security. Adding shatter-resistantance to the glass in an existing window improves the level of safety and security in your home. The right window film can significantly reduce the danger of shattered glass in a storm, earthquake, explosion, or other event. A window that holds together after shattering prevents further damage or injury from flying glass. Shatter-resistant window film can prevent smashed windows from allowing easy access to intruders or prevent further encroachment from flying objects.

Residential films from both Llumar and Huper Optik provide some protection against shattered and flying glass. To get the best securtiy protection, an upgrade to the security series from either manufacturer is necessary.

In addition to security, reflective and decorative films are good choices for adding privacy and beauty to your home. Reflective films decrease the view into your home while allowing you to enjoy the view from your home. Decorative films in many cases block or obstruct the view from both outside and inside through creative design, color, or both. Decorative films can give a polished look to any room, providing light and enhancing the surroundings without sacrificing privacy. Llumar offers a line of decorative films in varying textures, patterns, and colors in addition to a highly-reflective mirror tint.

Whether looking for energy savings or enhancing the beauty and security of your home, choosing the best window tint is a matter of knowing what you want from the the tint and who is the best resource for your needs. Huper Optik has the highest quality films that include a lifetime residential warranty which earned them their good reputation.

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