Prevent Your Synthetic Turf from Melting with Home Window Film

Protect Astro Turf from Melting with Home Window Film

Protect Astro Turf from Melting with Home Window Film

Home owners are often unaware that while energy efficient windows are great way to keep your home cooler by reflecting the sun away from your home, the reflection caused by energy efficient windows can magnify the sun to a point of melting the turf.

“Keep in mind that any reflective surface can magnify the rays so a reflection from an older window or say a stainless steel barbecue could possibly have the same effect but it is not as common as with energy efficient windows.”


Prevent Synthetic Turf From Melting

synthetic turf damaged by low E windows

Synthetic Turf Damaged by Low E windows which could be prevented by the use of glare reducing window film.

Window film can help prevent your synthetic turf from melting by reducing the glare that comes off of your home’s windows and glass doors. Since the goal is to reduce reflection, it is important for the window film to be metal free and applied to the outside of the glass. Window Tint LA recomend Turf Guard Window Film which diffuses the suns rays to reduce the reflection causing the turn to burn.

Being a perforated screen film, the Turf Guard breaks up the concentrated glare coming off your windows, to lower the intensity of the reflection on to your artificial grass.

Turf Guard Window Film is the perfect option when it comes to protecting your artificial turf from being melted by the sun’s reflection on your glass doors and windows. Turf Guard allows for visibility out, just like looking through a bug screen. Turf Guard only needs to be applied to the site of the window that doesn’t have a screen, since the screen blocks the reflection the same way turf guard does.

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