Protect from Sunlight Fading With Window Film Tinting

Sunlight has three primary parts to its spectrum: the visible light that brightens our days, the infrared light, that is chiefly responsible for the sun’s warmth, and the ultraviolet light, that is primarily responsible for sun damage. Both infrared and ultraviolet light are invisible to the human, but are certainly not to be ignored.

Los Angeles communities see hundreds of days of steady sunshine every year, and while all that sunlight might be a draw for residents and tourists, it is a serious cause for concern when it comes to your property. From the hardwood flooring of your Venice beachfront home to the artwork and photos collected in your Santa Monica gallery to the merchandise in your Beverly Hills boutique, UV light is equal opportunity in damaging most every surface and object it reaches.

UV Light Fades and Discolors Floors

A photochemical reaction occurs every time UV light falls on your property’s floors. Hardwood flooring is especially susceptible to the damage: some wood floors, such as those made from oak or maple, will bleach and yellow with prolonged exposure to UV light; other woods, like Brazilian cherry, will darken and discolor. But all flooring, from hardwood to carpeting to area rugs to many types of tile, will be damage by ultraviolet light if that light shines down on them unchecked.

UV Light Damages Upholstery

Fabrics, especially dark, richly colored or antique fabrics, are especially susceptible to damage from ultraviolet light. UV light can bleach and/or discolor cotton, linen, wool, and silk – almost no untreated fabric is safe from the effects of sun damage. Try flipping over a couch cushion in your Malibu home, for example, and you’ll see that those skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows you cherish are also causing damage to your furniture.

UV Light Can Be Hazardous To Health

Glass windows alone do almost nothing to block ultraviolet light, and prolonged exposure to UV light can lead to serious health complications. UV light can increase your risk for myriad skin issues, even including skin cancer after years of exposure. You’re right to love the bright sunshine of your Los Angeles residence, but that doesn’t mean you have to love every part of the spectrum!

Blocking UV Light With Window Tint

Window Tint LA offers ultraviolet blocking window tint that can cut out as much as 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. And that superlative protection against this dangerous ultraviolet light does not mean a lack of bright, pleasant sunshine in your property’s interior: the same window tint blocking ultraviolet light can still permit the majority of the visible light you love about your Southern California home.