Residential Safety Window Film


Windows are traditionally the weakest and least secure point of any home. A potential burglar or a destructive vandal can easily shatter a window, leaving your home and all your valuables and keepsakes ripe for the taking. And a shattered window not only invites in unwanted intruders, but can also pose a risk to the safety of those people and animals near the broken glass.

Window treatments from Window Tint LA can radically strengthen and reinforce the windows of your residence, making them almost shatter-proof. If a window treated with window film is broken, it will typically stay in the frame and will hold together in one piece, rather than forming jagged, dangerous pieces. The security of your home and your family, not to mention of all the possessions within, will be greatly enhanced even as you save money thanks to lowered HVAC bills, all thanks to window film installed by Window Tint LA!

Wind Protection

002Strong winds can lift large heavy objects into the air and often times they end up smashing your windows! Once the integrity of your home is compromised through the loss of your windows, the hole acts as a funnel that pulls in the air and eventually leads to the loss of your roof. Shutters, Plywood, and other inventions are used to strengthen glass during disastrous windstorms.

Window film can help keep your windows intact. Window specifications are established to qualify window films for their resilience and durability to withstand projectiles and wind-borne debris. There are multiple installation techniques used to attach these films to your windows to ensure proper security and some are required to meet the testing requirements.