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home window tinting malibu californiaHome owners in Southern California know how harsh the sun can be all year round causing uncomfortable heat, glare, and damaging of furniture, floors, draperies etc. All window films we offer reject 99.9% of harmful ultra violet rays and include a lifetime residential warranty on both the window film as well as the installation, backed by Window Tint LA and Huper Optik.
home window tinting los angeles californiaThe sun’s harmful rays can:

  • Damage/bleach hardwood floors and/or fade carpets and rugs
  • Bleach and discolor upholstery and decorations
  • Fade or totally ruin documents, photographs, and artwork
  • Ruin window dressings and treatments (curtains, blinds, etc.)

The bright sun can make rooms unbearable at certain times of the day while causing extreme hot and cold spots throughout your house. Your electric bill will skyrocket for most of the year as the air conditioner strains, working overtime to deal with the demand.

Residential Window Film can eliminate all of these problems. Applying window tint to your home’s existing windows:

  • Drastically reduces the amount of heat coming into your house.
  • Immediately lowers your electric bill.
  • Blocks at least 99% of the sun’s harmful UV Rays.
  • Increases safety and durability of windows

Window Tint Los Angeles carries a wide variety of home window films including but not limited to clear films for heat reduction, privacy window tint, decorative frost window film, and more. We have the right window film to protect you, your loved ones, and your prized possessions from the brutal Los Angeles heat and sun. Click to view our Residential Window Films.

Home Window Tinting Los Angeles Huper Optik

The view from inside and outside of this Los Angeles home with Huper Optik Ceramic 30% home window tint applied.

Window Tint Los Angeles is the leading residential and commercial window tint and window treatment company in the greater Los Angeles. No projects is too big or small; we take on residential window tinting projects of all sizes.

The crew from Window Film Los Angeles has installed window film in the Hills of Los Angeles, mansions of Beverly Hills, beach homes of Malibu, as well as stunning Santa Monica bungalows (where the summer sun is beautiful, to be sure, but can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior!).

Homeowners from all around Los Angeles and the surrounding counties have chosen Window Film Los Angeles when looking for a home window tinting company because we are experienced and professional, we use the best window films on the market, and because we always charge fair prices for materials and for our skilled (and guaranteed!) labor. We’ll come to you to measure the windows and give you a completely free estimate.

The sun’s harmful UV rays are also a potential health hazard for your family, your visitors, and your pets. Sunlight streaming through windows also dramatically increases the temperature in a home, which can leave your residence uncomfortably warm and can send your electricity bill soaring as you battle the heat with air conditioners and fans.

But thanks to the home window tinting specialists from Window Tint Los Angeles, you don’t have to draw closed the curtains and blinds and hide out in the dark all day just to beat the heat – after all, you don’t live in lovely southern CA just to hide from the bright, sunny days, right? Our residential window films can block the sun’s harmful UV rays and the warming infrared rays while still letting plenty of pleasant light into your home.

With a custom window treatment job courtesy of Window Tint Los Angeles, you can enjoy just the right amount of sunlight for your home!

Condominium Window Tint Los Angeles California

Incredible view of Downtown from the Los Angeles condominium. Residential window tinting comes with a lifetime warranty which covers both the window film and the installation and is backed by both Window Tint LA as well as Huper Optik, the window film manufacturer.

Home Window Tinting in West Hollywood

Home Window Tinting for all of Los Angeles including Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and more.



You may qualify for a rebate from your local/state government thanks to the energy efficiency your window film will provide your home.

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