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From a South Pasadena train station to Burbank school to a Culver City retail shop, there is no type of commercial or governmental property that won’t benefit from anti graffiti window film. The more populous an area, the more likely a facility is to see a tagger’s spray paint or a vandals scratching or etching damage its windows. When a property’s owners or managers take the proactive step of installing commercial anti graffiti window film, mitigating the damage is as simple as removing and replacing sheets of window film, rather than incurring the great expense and hassle of replacing glass windows and doors themselves.

Anti graffiti window film works as well on windows as it does on many other hard-surfaced objects, such as mirrors or glass desks or display cases. For this reason, locations as diverse as fast food restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and gas stations can all benefit from these sacrificial anti graffiti treatments. A scratched mirror, display case, or table top makes an entire institution feel cheaper and less inviting, but the cost of replacing these fixtures presents a hardship to the property’s bottom line. A modest investment in protective anti graffiti film means huge savings later when a vandal fails to ruin a piece of property.

Commercial anti graffiti film can even protect surfaces such as flat screen TV faces, stainless steel appliances, and stone or laminate countertops, meaning a great range of uses. Consider it for the windows of your company vehicles, the windows of your company’s offices, and for most every hard, flat surface, inside and out, that needs protection against scratches and damage and of course against vandalism and spray paint.

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Protect your windows from vandalism and graffiti with anti-graffiti window film which provides a barrier to protect your windows from damage. Avoiding window replacement is important to commercial property owners and tenants. Whether accidental or intentional, people often damage glass windows and doors. Repairing and replacing windows can be expensive and time-consuming. Business can be at a standstill for days, while the glass is being replaced or repaired. Commercial anti-graffiti window film is the answer for business owners who experience these difficulties.

Anti-graffiti window film is an invisible barrier to protect the glass its applied to protecting it from scratches, harsh chemicals, gouges, paint, permanent markers. The anti-graffiti window film can easily be removed and replaced eliminating costly graffiti cleanup and replacement. Anti-Graffiti window film is optically clear, distortion free, anti-graffiti window film can be applied to windows, mirrors, and other nonporous surfaces. In addition to stopping glass etching from vandals, anti-graffiti window film also blocks 99.9% of UV rays

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The sooner a business removes graffiti, the less chance there is of a repeat attack. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, removing a tag within two days drastically reduces the likelihood of a second attempt. The vandal realizes his name will not remain in the spotlight, and so he hunts for a weaker prey.

Glass windows can be intentionally damaged by vandals. Graffiti damage alone has resulted in a cleanup cost of about $12 billion per year in the United States. While some businesses are more prone than others, just one spray of paint is next to impossible to remove. Windows and doors that are protected with anti-graffiti window film can easily be repaired by professionals. The film is simply removed and replaced.

When windows and doors are intentionally broken by thieves and vandals, commercial property owners are threatened by higher insurance costs. In additional to repair or replacement costs, customers can be hurt by chards of shattered glass. Windows and doors installed with film are less likely to shatter and hurt people or scratch expensive flooring.

Commercial anti-graffiti window film provides many other benefits besides protection from graffiti. Window film can be installed with a tint, which protects from damaging ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can be harmful to people and valuables. If exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, the brilliant colors of products can fade, which causes a profit loss for business owners.

Anti-graffiti film is generally clear, which means vandals will not even be aware they are not spraying paint directly on a window or glass door. Even though many commercial property owners prefer clear anti-graffiti film, some owners choose a film that works with the aesthetics of their storefront. Different colors and tint can be installed, which works well with even the most unique showrooms and front window displays.

Cleaning commercial anti-graffiti film is simple. Most film is made from a polyester laminate; therefore a soft damp cloth or mild soap is all that is required to quickly bring life back into a commercial glass window or door.

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Scratched glass is a very common sight on storefronts in and around Los Angeles. It is something almost all businesses have to deal with at one point or another … probably more than once. So what should you do? Being proactive and having anti-graffiti window film applied to your business’s windows will ensure that if the day comes that vandals graffiti or scratch your windows, you’ll have the peace of mind that the damaged film can be removed and replaced quickly and for a far less cost than replacing the glass.