Commercial – FAQ

Q. Can window film really make a difference in my electric bill?

A. Yes! Window Film will lower the heat that enters your home through your windows by up to 84%. The reduction in heat will let your air conditioner run less to keep your home cool and comfortable, prolonging the life of your a/c unit and lowering your overall electric bill.

Q. What is the best window film?

A. This is a difficult question to answer because every situation is different. Huper Optik holds a patent on their completely dye-free and metal-free nano-ceramic window films. They produce some of the highest quality and reputable window films on the market today. We offer completely free consultations. At that time you will be able to see there are a lot more choices than dark or light, and shiny or black. “The best window film” is subjective to the individual needs and will be specific to each individual. Contact Window Tint LA window film professionals to learn more about all of the options available to you.

Q. Does window film have to look dark and shiny?

A. No! Huper Optik offers an window films  option that are practically clear, retaining the natural look to your windows while still blocking up to 97% of the infrared rays. In addition, the heat and UV protection will protect your interior from fading and keep your cooling costs down.

Q. Will window film keep my wood floors from fading?

A. Yes! Most window films will come with a 99% Ultra Violet protection. The U.V. protection is what is going to prevent fading in your floors, draperies, artwork, and furniture. Window film will also keep you and your loved ones safe from the harmful sun by protecting you from these cancer causing U.V. rays.