Frosted, Decorative, and Architectural Window Films

Beyond solar control window tint that provides energy savings and cooler interiors, window film can also do wonders for your property in terms of improved appearance and even improved functionality of various rooms. Imagine reclaiming a street-level room’s privacy thanks to frosted window film, or picture improving the uninteresting facade of a restaurant or retail storefront with decorative window film.

Everything type of property, from a “one off” boutique in West Hollywood to an industrial park in Van Nuys can benefit from the aesthetic and practical properties of specialty decorative and architectural window films.

Frost and Decorative Window Film for Privacy

There is no better way to make an interior totally private from the outside while still enjoying the benefits of pleasant sunlight than with frost window film or with patterned or etched window films. Even the darkest window tint becomes less effective at night when the sun has set and when interior lighting is turned on. But with frost, etched, or decorative window film, it is impossible to see through windows even in the middle of the night. These window films allow light to pass through, but totally block the view of a person.

Architectural Window Film for Commercial Real Estate

Decorative window film is an essential part of the architectural design of any office building, retail storefronts or shopping malls, or other larger commercial or professional facility. Window film can create a uniform, cohesive appearance for any single structure or grouping of buildings or facades that are near to one another even if other aspects of the facilities, such as construction materials or building design, are not similar. Architectural window film transforms dull glass windows in a vibrant component of a location’s overall aesthetic design, helping to improve the appearance and value of the facility.

Frost Window Film for Interior Design

Frosted window films are not only great for blocking the view from outside a building or residence, but also for use inside a property. Frost window film can create an elegant and private space for changing in a gym, spa, or at a clothing store or it can create the privacy needed for a professional workspace such as a conference room or simply for office space. Frost window film is great for bathrooms, medical exam rooms, or other areas where privacy and discretion are essential.

Decorative Window Film for Retail Display, Promotion

Whether used in coordination with a holiday sales display or just to improve the everyday appearance of a retailer’s storefront or a shopping mall kiosk, decorative window film can help improve the appearance of anything behind a pane of glass by making the glass itself more attractive. Consider incorporating patterned or etched glass window film any time you are designing a display for a window or other type of sales or promotional installation.